Do Basement Wall Repairs Before It’s Too Late!

A few minor cracks in a basement wall, especially a block wall, is not that unusual and fine cracks that do not progress don’t always require basement wall repairs.

When minor cracks begin to turn into more significant ones, some kind of wall repair solution is necessary.

Wall repair methods will depend on the cause of the cracks and how advanced they become.

Fine Cracks in Cinder Block and Cement

Basement walls constructed from cinder blocks and cement frequently have very small cracks in them along the cement lines.

Hairline cracks and those no more than a few millimeters in width are commonly caused by earth shifting and are unavoidable to a certain extent.

As long as those very fine cracks do not worsen over time and there is no moisture seeping in, basement wall repairs are generally not necessary.

Bigger Problems If Cracks Get Larger

On the other hand should those cracks begin to spread wider, get longer, or otherwise progress, some kind of repair solution is required to prevent the gradual deterioration of that part of the foundation.

Any crack that gets wider than a few millimeters should be assessed by a foundation expert, then watched carefully if no immediate suggestion to make repairs is made.

Cracks that continue to grow should be professionally repaired using the right wall repair method once the cause is determined.

A wall that starts to bow inward or shift inward at the top or bottom is a serious problem that left uncorrected, could result in the entire wall collapsing over time.

What Causes Cracks?

Hydrostatic pressure and ground shifting are two common causes of cracks that can advance to the stage of requiring some kind of basement wall repair.

Widening cracks, water seepage, and wall bowing are the most common symptoms of these two problems.

These serious issues also require substantial basement repair solutions to prevent the damage from furthering to the point of destabilizing the foundation.

Repairs such as wall bracing and anchoring, drain installation, and others may be necessary to stop the movement of and damage to the wall.

Pay Attention to Basement Wall Cracks!

Though all foundation cracks start out the same as tiny fractures in the cement or block, some of them can become very serious and require substantial basement wall repairs in the right conditions, so take note of any cracks in your foundation and observe them frequently.

If at any point those cracks begin to widen or spread, contact a foundation specialist to inspect the damage and diagnose the source.

Early attention including necessary basement wall repairs can prevent a little crack or slightly bowing wall from becoming a dangerous structural defect in your foundation.