How to Repair a Minor Bathtub Chip or Crack!

Fiberglass bathtubs and shower pans are fairly durable, but they can still crack.

Generally, bathtub repairs that involve fiberglass tubs are not possible, as it is difficult to prevent cracks from reforming; however, homeowners can at least try using a fiberglass repair kit.

If it does not provide a durable bathtub solution, the other option is to have a bathtub repair service replace it with a new one. 

How To DIY Fiberglass Bathtub and Shower Repairs

Naturally, most homeowners might resolve to try their luck making the repair first before opting for the more expensive solution.

A fiberglass shower and bathtub repair kit containing polyester resin putty or paste, sandpaper, and finishing polish as well as some fiberglass mesh and two-component foam can easily be used in just a few easy steps:

  1. Clean The Surface – Before doing any type of fiberglass bathtub repair, it is essential to clean the fiberglass with rubbing alcohol, acetone, or some other solvent to remove oils, soap, and fiberglass fibers that can prevent the patch from adhering correctly. 
  2. Add Support Under the Crack – If the crack was caused due to poor support under the tub or shower surround, add support by drilling a few small holes encircling it, then pumping some two-component foam through the holes. Let the foam set and create a hard support under the fiberglass that will prevent it from flexing more. 
  3. Apply the Mesh – When dealing with a crack, trim off a piece of fiberglass mesh that is slightly larger than the crack and set it in place over the crack so it is fully covered. Skip the mesh when repairing a crack or scrape.
  4. Mix Polyester Resin and Apply – Mix up the polyester resin on a piece of cardboard or tinfoil, then apply over the fiberglass mesh patch, covering it completely. Smooth out the resin as much as possible with the mixing stick, then let it harden and cure for 3 or 4 hours or longer if filling in a deeper crack. If the problem is just a deep surface scratch or chip, fill in the area and continue in the same way. 

  5. Sand and Refinish the Surface – Once the resin has fully hardened, sand the repair down to make it smooth, then use the finishing polish to cover the repair and blend it into the fiberglass a little more.

Ideally, if there is enough support under the crack, this home bathtub repair solution may work fine for a while, but homeowners should watch for leaking and any evidence that the crack is still there.

In the event that a home fiberglass repair kit does not do the trick, the best option is to call a bathtub repair service that can help.

Another patch repair may be possible, but if not, the best bathtub solution when dealing with damaged fiberglass is always to replace the tub or shower pan and eliminate the possibility of future leaks.