What Are Some Signs That an Electrical Contractor is Needed?

There are many minor repairs that the average business or homeowner can make on their own, without calling a professional in for help; however, electrical problems that should be handled by an electrical contractor are not among them.

Due to the level of danger associated with wiring and power supply problems, an electrical contractor should be the one to address them.

Well-trained electricians who can correctly troubleshoot electrical problems then safely apply the right repair are the only ones that should be taking care of most electrical services.

Before trying to handle any wiring problem without calling an electrical service in to take a look, property owners should stop and observe.

When experiencing any of these issues, calling an electrical contractor is the best choice:

  • Circuit Breakers That Keep Tripping – Circuit breakers trip when there is a surge in the electrical current controlled by that breaker. It is normal for that to happen every so often, but if it keeps happening over and over again, electricians should be called to take a look. A breaker that continues to trip suggests a damaged wire somewhere that keeps shorting out.
  • Burning Smell – The smell of wires, plastic, or other materials burning coming from the breaker box, an outlet, or anywhere else there is wiring is a red flag. Call an electrical contractor as soon as possible to diagnose the problem and repair it before any damage is done, as this is the main reason for electrical fires.
  • Buzzing Noises – Any buzzing noises coming from the circuit box, an outlet, or some other electrical component is another issue that demands inspection by a trained electrician, as this is an symptom of a vibration caused by a loose connection or some other issue that should be corrected.
  • Sockets Are Hot or Give Shocks – Another indicator of electrical problems and that an electrical service should be called is an outlet that is making little shocks or getting warm to the touch when something is plugged into it. These symptoms should never happen and point to a wiring problem.
  • Flickering Lights – There are many causes for flickering lights in a home or building. When the simple answer of a bad bulb is not the problem or it affects more than one light, an electrical contractor should take a closer look.
  • Too Many Extension Cords – If powering up starts to involve too many extension cords, it might be time to have a few new outlets installed. Overloading outlets with more extension cords can be a fire hazard.

When experiencing any of these electrical problems, the best response is always to call an electrician and let them take a look.

While many of these concerns may be fairly simple to repair, ignoring them can be deadly.